Green Purr

Hello Scary Blog World.


And hello scary info-overload-world of the interwebs!

This little blog’s purpose is to collect selected bits of “green” information from the massive amounts swirling around in cyberspace.  I want to know what actions are currently occurring, what technology is being developed and what ingenious recycling of previously shelved thoughts are being dusted off and reconsidered for use in preserving our world to make it a healthier and happier place to live in. 

Anything I post is (somewhat selfishly I’ll admit!) primarily for my own knowledge expansion.  I would however feel a small(ish!) glow of happiness if what I’ve posted is found beneficial to even a single other person in the world.

In the spirit of sharing knowledge about these topics, please post a comment (or send me an email) and inform me of your thoughts on my posts.  If what I’ve posted is interesting and you have further information to add, fabulous!  If what I’ve said is a little misinformed, show me the light!

Ultimately, I want to be smarter about affecting positive change in my life (and others’ hopefully too!) in using the planet’s resources with minimal negative impact.


  1. Awesome stuff ‘admin’. I’m liking the feel already 😀 Will be keeping an eye out for further updates.

  2. Now you have a comment!

    Looks cool, I will pass it around to some tree huggers…

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