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I think I have carbon guilt.

I’m a relatively little person and I own a little car that I drive less than 10 000km with every year. One would assume I produce a little-ish carbon footprint.  But compared to what?  To a little person like me living in India that doesn’t own a car, doesn’t ever use air transport, doesn’t have electricity and buys produce from within a radius of 100km?  Or compared to some trust fund kid that owns a jet, a Hummer and isn’t concerned about things like recycling and buying local?  There are many variables to consider when calculating your carbon foot print.

How do I go about offsetting my carbon footprint?  I found a few websites that have carbon calculators and help answer this question.

Carbon  is a neat site complete with calculator and tips on how to reduce your footprint.  It also has a “carbon offset” shop where you can buy trees that are planted on your behalf.  You can even add a wedding gift registry and have your friends and family buy trees instead of, well, a toaster.

Carbonworx is a South African company.  The site is very official-like and they seem pretty big.  They have a carbon calculator and offer a service that assists in offsetting your carbon footprint by planting trees on your behalf. is a website promoting carbon offsetting.  They have a carbon calculator and tips on how to reduce your footprint.  Their carbon offsetting mechanisms are also about planting trees, but include projects in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Food and Tress for Africa is another South African company.  Among other interesting and engaging things on their website they have a carbon calculator.  You can sponsor trees and gardens to off set your footprint.

12.07 tons.  This is roughly what my carbon footprint is for the past 12 months, after a very hasty calculation (maths isn’t really one of my strong points).  Not really sure if this is good or bad or how to offset this tonnage.  Am I doing enough already or should I get to planting some trees!?


  1. You welcome to come plant more trees in our little garden! 🙂

    Good work on your blog missy.

    • Thankies Pingle!

      Does your garden have space for anymore trees?

      Was thinking of doing a volunteer day with a Cape Town based co that does tree planting and veg garden startups for disadvantaged schools and communities. Maybe make it a Helen-outing?

  2. I always use I will not fly unless I carbon offset in this way, helping to keep rainforests where they belong. Makes more sense to me to pay approx R800 and help keep 1 acre of rainforest in place, where up to 260 tons of Co2 is retained, plus helps to keep indigenous animal, human and plant-life intact.

    • Thanks Andrew!

      Just checked out. Awesome stuff.

      I’m going to add a Tree Love t-shirt (ahem, size small, for anyone stuck for gift ideas reading this) to my Christmas wishlist!

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