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Nissan Leaf




Ok, on further research, apparently the Nissan Leaf isn’t that amazing.  All the fabulous stuff they say about battery life etc is somewhat exaggerated and seems more like hopeful thinking.


If anything Top Gear have so say about the car is to be believed, then yes, it doesn’t live up to its expectations. (Series 17 episode 6 can be consulted.)  There were some articles (1 + 2) in the British press regarding Top Gear’s angle on the whole “electric cars are pretty crap” manner in which they presented the episode. Nissan and electric car users were obviously a little unhappy.  In the end, my opinion is they sparked a bit of social discussion about this which is a positive thing.   Top Gear is funny and entertaining and not meant to be to the equivalent of the Britanca Encyclopedia  of accurate information on all things cars.  (That was the old Top Gear!)

I still have faith in the electric cars of the future!




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