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The Sahara’s Solar Energy Potential


We all know solar energy is the most abundant source of renewable energy. It is also unfortunately not the most optimally harvested, stored and transmitted source.  I mostly understand the inhibiting factors that have stopped modern society from tapping solar power more efficiently, but I have to wonder why there hasn’t been an exponential amount more interest and money thrown at developing it.  Especially when 2 projects claim they could provide a massive percentage of the world’s energy from the world’s largest desert! The Sahara Solar Breeder Project claims it can provide 50% of the world’s energy, while (Desertec) claims that it can provide a humble 15% of Europe’s energy.  Both projects seem massively impressive, but will they deliver?

Sandstorms,  as yet non-existant technology, international relations and massive funding requirements are but a few of the hurdles to be overcome to ensure this potential is achieved.

(Sorry CleanTehnica, your desert pic was too hilarious not to re-use!)



  1. Here’s a map of the Desertec-project, photovoltaics, wind power and others in the EUMENA-Region (Europe, Middle East, North Africa): Imagine the whole net becoming one single smart grid one day 😉

    • Thanks Max! All areas with high/long solar exposure should be developed this way – if all the deserts powered all the earth it would be awesome!

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