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Weekly Finds 2 – 2012


Half way through January already!

This week’s finds:

  • I’ve know about spider silk being an incredibly strong material that can be used to make things like Teflon strong armour for ages.  Crazy scientists are breeding genetically modified GOATS with SPIDERS so that they can produce spider silk!  I’d be pretty upset litte baby goat on that farm. Full article
  • Carbon tax on flights to and from Europe are going to push the cost of travel up. 🙁 It just gets harder to travel nowadays from the deep (African) South!  While I agree in principle, sort of, is it really going to help? Full article 
  • If the Boswellia trees are really doomed Frankincense will became more of a legend.  Full article
  • Not exactly new news, but even kids are improving solar energy technology using mathematical patterns.  Full article

Happy Hot Weekend!


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