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Weekly Finds 3 – 2012


This weeks finds:

  • Nanotubes to the rescue ! Glasgow’s University of Strathclyde has developed a paint that communicates with wireless signals, sending notifications of potential micro-cracks the structure is experiencing which may cause major future problems. Full article here.
  •  Anybody for a nice fat (probably not!) piece of lab grown steak?  In efforts to save cows and cut down on Green House Gas emissions, a university in the Netherlands is on its way to producing lab grown beef, for burgers specifically.  The project is suspiciously funded by an anonymous fat cat. Full article here.
  • A boy that could never see colours had a device made that allows him to hear colours.  Humans are so inventive! Full article here.
  • I love cats.  And so should everyone really! This article proves it. Full article here.
  • This is truly amazing.  Geneticists at Cambridge University have developed a way to mimic how squids change colour.  Full article here.

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