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Venice Sinking



A destination I’ve been dreaming about visiting for years is Venice.  For years I’ve been saying I need toget to this romantic and historical city before it sinks. And scarily, it seems I should get there pronto!

Apart from climate change increasing the risk of flooding and its natural subsidence, which was thought to have halted, it is also starting to tilt in an eastward direction.

At the moment it is subsiding at about 4mm per year, but if you included a rise in sea levels due to global warming (which could reach 50cm by 2100, according to a geologist at the Italian Institute of Marine Science) this could end up being almost 1cm a year.

Not good for the Venetians.  Not good for Venice hungry Helen. 

After years (from as far back as 1970) of considering the different options to protect the city from devastating floods caused by sea and wind storms, the Venetians decided on the MOSE flood-protection system.  It’s a huge project, costing thousands of millions of Euros.  While the protection of the city is important, the project has been through a fair amount of questioning regarding its treatment of the environment during construction activities, and how activities relating to the flood gate operations will affect it in the future. 

Social cost vs environmental cost?  It’s not so easy to balance this one.

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