Green Purr

Weekly Finds 6 – 2012


This weeks finds:

  • Some tips on how to use baking soda as a cleaning agent instead of harsh chemicals.
  • Terraniums are on my want list.
  • This is a rather long, but interesting article on how “cheap” energy is regulated…or rigged…which ever description sits well with you.
  • The new Phillips LED light bulb will finally be on sale (USA).  It boasts some great ‘green-ness’: “…lifespan is an estimated 30,000 hours (more than 20 years when used four hours a day)…900 lumens of light while only consuming 10 watts of juice, making it 83 percent more efficient than standard 60-watt incandescents.”
  • James Cameron made the world’s deepest ocean dive and developed the technology that made it possible. 

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