Green Purr

Weekly Finds 8 – 2012


This weeks finds:

  • In the process of generating electricity from coal, we use our preciously scarce water resources.  The fact that Eskom is concerned we may not have enough water to supply the power stations should be a massive wake up call to government to find alternative solutions to the energy problem in SA.  Will the population choose water over electricity?  Full story. 
  • South Africa’s first carbon neutral cheesery!
  • Gadget that draws water from air to feed plants.
  • Gadget that monitors moisture levels of soil.
  • For those of us that have been the cause of death for some innocent indoor plants, here may be the answer to our problem!  
  • More help for the unfortunate indoor gardeners
  • And some more help for those of us that love plants but don’t seem to always get it right.

Happy Week!


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