Green Purr

Weekly Finds 9 – 2012


This weeks interesting finds:

  • Is South Africa’s economy really going to be turning around its high unemployment figures with green job creation?
  • A new specie of worm, found in a Free State mine in South Africa could help us understand life on other planets.
  • Newish solar tech that concentrates the energy from the sun to decrease the costs of the overall solar power system.
  • Renewable energy sources, in its entire life cycle produce only 5% of the emissions of fossil fuel sources? I think more studies are needed to confirm this kind of information.  Its seems a little to good to be true.  And if it is true, what exactly is stopping more of this being constructed? Surely long-term benefits outweigh short-term expense here! 
  • I like glass and the concept of repurposing products. I think this is genius.  
  • Hawaii has put a ban on (most) plastic bags.  Good for them!  If only banning harmful plastic products that end up choking natural environments were the answer to some of our pollution problems. 

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