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Weekly Finds 10 – 2012


Interesting articles on the web this week.

  • From what I understand, Rio’s slums present higher risks to their inhabitants than South Africa’s do.  The Brazilian government has decided to improve the quality of these illegal neighbourhoods and they’re doing it sustainably.  It would be great if our government would do something similar. 
  • Could jute be the more sustainable alternative to cotton and plastic in the future? 
  • Germany is undoubtedly the world’s leading solar energy country in terms of use.  An experiment where 50% of Germany was powered solely on solar power proved that solar energy is a viable option to other sources of energy.
  • Wind and solar-powered phone charger? This article is pretty old already, but it seems like a design that should’ve taken off.  I wonder what happened to it. 
  • Wind and solar-powered streets lights should be a must in SA (but with a more realistic, less Trekky Starship Enterprise Design).  We have the perfect conditions for these to work.
  • Amazing pictures of dew covered insects.  And more from the photographer’s website.
  • Super cute!  A vegetarian shark!

Happy Weekend!

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