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Bees and Colony Collapse Disorder


This post is for a friend that loves bees.  🙂

Bees are fascinating little creatures. They’re so tiny but so essential to our comfortable human existence in terms of food supply.  There have been many suggestions of what could be causing colony collapse disorder, the term used to describe the alarming decline of bee colonies around the world.  Pesticides, climate change, electromagnetic radiation, genetically modified crops, pests (parasitic flies – Apocephalus borealis) and certain bee keeping practices may all be collectively to blame. 

A parasitic mite (varroa mite) which carries a virus called the deformed wing virus (DMV), has been found to be a much more serious threat to bee colonies than previously thought.  It is not the cause of colony collapse disorder, just a more potent attack on the already compromised immune systems of bees because of all the other factors that weaken them.   

Information and graphic picture of a varroa mite munching a bee.

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