Green Purr

Weekly Finds 1 – 2013


This weeks finds:

  • Synechocystis – a new genetically engineered strain of bacteria that assists in producing ethylene, which is the substance used to make plastic. It absorbs carbon from the air in this process.  This is great news for reducing the carbon emissions normally associated with ethylene production.  Call me cynical, but is it safe and what are the negatives of this new little Franken’teria? 
  • On a plastic related note, an Amazonian mushroom has been discovered that eats polyurethane. Before its used commercially, or even taken away from its natural habitat, through testing will be need to be done.
  • Singapore has built its first vertical farm. The A-Go-Gro vertical systems are 9m in height,  produce 5-10 times more per unit area than traditional farms in Singapore and produce all through the year.   
  • The girl in me surfaced on this one.  How cute is it that a little penguin feels the benefits of acupuncture?
  • Could fungi floating around at 30000 feet affect weather?  

Happy week! 




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