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Weekly Finds 2 – 2013


This week’s interesting articles found on the web:

  • It looks like a giant tennis racket but its actually a bladeless wind turbine.  No more mass deaths of birds and bats by wind turbines? Amazing.  Unfortunately the article doesn’t specify how efficient the design will be, or how it compares to wind turbines in terms of cost  and how exactly it works.  I don’t think this is an entirely new concept though, but I’m not too optimistic it will work on a commercial scale.
  • Maybe I’ve been spending too much time under a rock, because I really didn’t realise how well Bokashi Bran works.  You collect organic wastes in a bin, sprinkle some Bokashi (Bokashi is Japanese for: fermented organic matter) powder on it, once full let it stand for 2 weeks, then bury the contents and wait for 7-10 weeks.  The result:  nutrient rich, healthy, composted soil.  The miracles of micro-organisms!
  • Ever wondered how to make a green wall in your own home? Here is a very easy to follow tutorial.
  • Renewable energy is getting easier and easier to justify.  This is one of many articles reporting how the decreasing price per unit of solar and other renewable energies is driving increased demand.  In New Mexico, the price of solar power may soon beat coal power prices.
  • While this article on whether reducing work hours can reduce carbon emissions puts it a little too simplistically in this dog-eat-dog capitalist world, reducing work hours slightly can save energy in terms of the commute to work and back and the electricity needed to run buildings.
  • A self sustaining ecosystem in a bottle that has been watered only twice since 1960.
  • Green spaces in cities are important for biological reasons, aesthetic reasons and human health (both mental and physical).  This article discusses a study showing the correlation between the lack of trees and increased human illness.


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