Green Purr

Weekly Finds 3 – 2013


Some interesting finds on the web:

  • Modern urban living necessitates the innovative use of space.  This Living Light is an ambient light that is powered by moist soil and doubles as a hanging garden made from sustainable materials – no electricity required.
  •  As the biggest African CO2 emitter and one of the largest per capita emitters of the world, South Africa needs to curb its greenhouse gas emissions drastically. In the current economic climate, can a Green Economy work in SA?
  • Pink houses are the new green house.  Only using the correct blend of the red and blue spectrums of white light in vertical farms allows for sufficient light for plant growth and energy savings in terms of power usage and cooling required.
  • The Mirror Project in Norway aims to use mirrors as an artificial sun to create light in the town square of Rjukan.  The valley of this area only receives sun for 7 months of the year.

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