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Weekly Finds 2 – 2014


This weeks finds:

  • Grey water recycling systems for households can eliminate much wastage by reusing the water for garden irrigation or toilet flushing.  Some Turkish university students have furthered this concept and created a washing machine that cleanses and filters your shower water that is then directly used for washing your clothes. Their project is water efficient and won the Hansgrohe Special Award.
  • Germany, again, beats renewable energy generation records.
  • I’m not entirely sure this article captures the exact low carbon develop pathways the major polluting countries of the world will need to follow to prevent climate change, but the idea of negotiating technology to achieve a low carbon footprint per person without assigning the costs to a specific entity yet seems novel.  Perhaps if the outcome is great enough, the resulting cost won’t seem unaffordable?
  • Understanding the magic that happens when spinach proteins photosynthesize could lead to artificial photosynthesis and a new alternative energy source.
  • Ever wondered how photovoltaic systems worked and how to design one?  EdX offers an online course that teaches you exactly that.



  1. Thanks for the post 🙂
    I love that science article about spinach, but I see it is still very much in the research phase. Not sure of the state of other artificial photosynthesis research… are you?

    • Plesh! I can’t wait for all the fantastic research in this kind of stream to become products. I don’t know of any other artificial photosynthesis research :-(.

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