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Western Cape Bee Decline

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I’m not sure about everyone’s position on bees.  This blogger obviously loves them and knows that they are essential to our food security.  Globally, they have been declining at scarily massive rates.

Did you know that in some places in the USA, massive hives are trucked from farm to farm to pollinate each one?  Not enough of these little creatures exist to pollinate all the sources of food for humans.  More bee facts can be viewed on this interesting documentary:

The bee population of the Western Cape has recently been exposed to a spore forming larvae which has killed about 40% of its numbers.  The only way to get rid of contaminated honey, hives and bees is to burn them – a necessary act that further decreases their numbers.

A creative way to help increase bee numbers is to buy a frame and some honey in support of the Frames for Bees Project!  Everyone can help our little food security enablers – check out this website on the how to

Happy Honey Hunting


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  1. I have bee’s + solar over in Noordhoek, although they have to look after themselves when I’m out of the country 🙂

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